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Tasting Flight

Choice of two (1/2 oz) spirits ~ $4.00 + tax
Choice of four (1/2 oz) spirits ~ $7.00 + tax
Choice of six (1/2 oz) spirits ~ $9.00 + tax

Bourbon Cream Cold Brew (16oz)

$9.00 + tax
**(availability may change depending on season)
Black Rifle Coffee with choice of cream liqueur flavor

  • Bourbon Cream (chocolate/caramel)
  • White Chocolate Raspberry
  • Maple Bourbon Cream
  • Pumpkin Pie (seasonal)
  • Limoncello Blueberry (seasonal)

Bloody Mary (16oz)

$9.00 + tax
Flagship or Garlic Vodka with choice of Rachel’s
Raquette Lake Elixirs

  • Original
  • Intensely Spicy
  • Bloody Caesar
  • Charbroiled BBQ

Lemonade Slushie (16oz)

$9.00 + tax
** (availability may vary depending on season)
Homemade lemonade slushie base mixed with a single spirit or featured combination

Single Spirits


New York Straight Bourbon
Bottled in Bond Corn Whisky
Thousand Islands Maple
Heatwave Cinnamon
Juniper Spiced Whisky (coming soon)


Flagship Vodka
Admiral’s Berry Vodka
Garlic Vodka
Shoal Finder Gin
Navy Strength Gin


Apple Pie
Peach Vanilla
Two Dog (unaged whisky)


Rhubarbe Strawberry
Maple Strawberry

Featured Combinations

  • Berry Vodka / Limoncello / Raspberry
  • Shoal Finder Gin / Limoncello
  • New York Straight Bourbon with Cherry, Raspberry, or Peach Vanilla
  • Lemonade Shine / Raspberry
  • Heatwave Cinnamon / Apple Pie Shine

Specialty Cocktail (9oz)

$9.00 + tax
Rotating/seasonal menu