DSCN6432We hope you enjoy our handcrafted Shoal Finder Gin, its name inspired by the over three thousand shoals found in the St. Lawrence River. Our Shoal Finder Gin is a American Style Gin bottled at 88 proof and distilled from 100% corn. A blend of eleven botanicals produces a smooth lightly aromatic gin with hints of juniper, lemon, grapefruit, cinnamon and nutmeg. **GLUTEN FREE**

Shoal Finder Gin Sunk-in Oak is a barrel aged version of our Shoal Finder Gin. We rest the Gin in our used Bourbon barrels just long enough to pick up the vanilla and caramel flavors from the charred oak. Bottled at 88 proof.

Frontenac Gin Cordial is a one of a kind product of the Thousand Islands. Our Shoal Finder Gin is rested in our used Bourbon barrels and then infused with Coyote Moon Vineyards Frontenac Gris Wine and just a touch of local honey from Many Flowers Honey Company. Bottled at 60 proof.

Shoal Finder Gin
375 ml / $17.00
750 ml / $29.00

Shoal Finder Gin Sunk-in Oak
375 ml / $24.00

Frontenac Gin Cordial
375 ml / $20.00