Legal moonshine? Central New York’s craft distillers enter growing corn whiskey market (drink recipes)

Call it white lightning, white dog, corn dog, hooch, mountain dew, or corn likker.

Some people even call it moonshine.

But if you do that around Thomas McKenzie, the distiller at Finger Lakes Distiliing Co. near Watkins Glen, he may try to set you straight.

“It ain’t moonshine,” McKenzie says of his distillery’s crystal clear and unaged Glen
Thunder Corn Whiskey. “Moonshine is illegal, and this here is legal.”

Besides, said McKenzie, a native of Alabama who comes from a family of distillers, “corn whiskey is a good drink. They’ve been making it since before Prohibition. This here is real corn whiskey, made the right way.”

Some Central New York distillers aren’t as reluctant to apply vaguely illicit names to their totally legal versions of corn whiskey. Myer Farm Distillers in Ovid on Cayuga Lake calls its corn whiskey White Dog and Clayton Distillery in the Thousand Islands calls its example Two Dog Moonshine.

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